Community Health Needs Assessment

Every 3 years, GWHP conducts a regional Community Health Needs Assessment and provides reports to clinical and community partners, as well as the general public.  Through the extensive data collection process, Health Priorities are  established that will drive decision making, interventions and strategies that strengthen community health resources and improve individual health.  View our most recent Well-Being Report here!

2023-2026 Health Priorities

  • Access to Care
    • Readmissions
    • Language
    • Care Coordination
  • Outreach & Community Trust 
    • Health Education 
    • Culturally Competent Care
    • Maternal Health
  • Systems Change
    • Substance Abuse
    • Mental Health
    • Chronic Disease Prevention

2023 – 2026 Community Health Needs Assessment

Community Health Improvement Plan | CHIP

The Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is a months-long process of analyzing the Community Health Needs Assessment priorities and devising a plan to address them.

We facilitated a multi-sector group of stakeholders to review and recognize potential contributing factors of the community identified health priorities. This group considered the impact, relevance, appropriateness and feasibility of each factor and looked for commonalities. 

The CHIP used community-wide approach to planning that included elements of community-driven efforts happening in the Trinity Transforming Communities Initiative.

The CHIP advisory committee meet throughout the Spring and early summer months to develop a community approach to address the health priorities identified in the 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment.  This plan will be reviewed quarterly to monitor the progress.