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Where We Started

As the region’s first health partnership of clinical and community providers, GWHP was founded by a group of non-profit community leaders in 2013 to collaboratively fund the region’s first Community Health Needs Assessment. Waterbury faces health challenges similar to other urban centers across the United States. Therefore we determined that by bringing multi-sector partners together to address these community challenges through a data-driven approach, there are opportunities to improve health outcomes. GWHP is made up of a variety of clinical and community service providers who take the time to operate outside of their silos to support programs that will improve the health of the Greater Waterbury community overall.

Funding Partners (fiscal or in-kind)

Partnership is Innovative

Are you a clinical or community provider that is interested in formally being part of this unique organization? Greater Waterbury Health Partnership seeks partners from the following sectors: Healthcare, Philanthropy, Municipal Health Departments, Human or Social Services, and Waterbury Community Collaborative Partnerships.

Additional program funding provided by:

Become a Partner

Join us in our effort to improve the health and wellbeing of Greater Waterbury residents by addressing community challenges through a multi-sector, data-driven approach. We value the opportunity to bring community organizations together, creating strong partnerships that will improve health outcomes of the communities we serve.