Waterbury Health Access Program

Founded in 2003, the Waterbury Health Access Program (WHAP) combines the expertise of several clinical and non-clinical case managers and social workers to address access to care for low–income and uninsured people in Waterbury. The program is now embedded in Waterbury Hospital, Saint Mary’s Hospital, StayWell Health Center, Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and Malta House of Care. WHAP also delivers lead case management for the Community Care Team. The WHAP program work aligns with the Access to Care health priority established by the Community Health Needs Assessment. WHAP staff are highly trained and bilingual. To learn more about WHAP please contact the program office at: 203-573-7681

In Fiscal Year 2022 WHAP

Had a total of 4,143 services.

Had a total of 2,411 new clients.

Collected approximately, $2,977,875 in Medicaid claims by local hospitals in Waterbury for previously uninsured individuals.

Full listing of Waterbury Health Access Program Staff