Greater Waterbury Health Partnership serves an advocacy role with Saint Mary’s Medical Home for the “Putting on Airs” Asthma education program. Through convening of a regional asthma coalition and collection and dissemination of data, GWHP works to provide insight on local trends in asthma as well as awareness of interventions available to help mitigate asthma and asthma triggers. Clinical staff from Saint Mary’s Hospital provide home visits for families that need assistance and guidance with controlling asthma, and follow up with families to check on progress. Partnering through intervention and advocacy is a way to take action against asthma, a condition that negatively impacts Hispanic residents in Waterbury more than any other race or ethnicity. 

You can find important local, state and national resources for asthma at the sources listed below.

Asthma in Waterbury

  • Waterbury’s encounter rate for Asthma is 36% higher than CT average and is 70% higher than the average of the other towns listed in Greater Waterbury
  • Latino Individuals in Waterbury reported being diagnosed with asthma at a high rate of 28%
  • 43% of individuals reported being diagnosed with asthma

Asthma Programs:

May 2023 | Asthma Data Briefing

Current Air Quality