Angie Matthis – New GWHP Executive Director

Greater Waterbury Health Partnership Names First Executive Director-Plans to Collaborate with Hospitals and Community Health Organizations to Improve Health Outcomes of Greater Waterbury

[Waterbury, CT] – On February 6, 2019 local non-profit collaborative, Greater Waterbury Health Partnership (GWHP), began the new year by appointing the first Executive Director after a search conducted in the fall. Angie Matthis, formerly of the Greater Waterbury YMCA, is now serving in the much-awaited position and has hit the ground running. Angie has over 12 years of experience working in health and human services in Greater Waterbury, most notably working in the onboarding of chronic disease programming, securing funding and operational leadership. Originally from the Midwest, Angie brings a strong marketing and development background to the Partnership as well as a track record of excellence in project management and program scaling and dissemination.
“ I am so thrilled to be part of this effort leveraging some of our community’s largest partners. Their support has led us to this pivotal opportunity to look at the critical health needs of our city and work together to address them in ways that support the individual, families and the providers. Connecting the dots along our health landscape has the power to truly improve long term health outcomes for Greater Waterbury and I’m honored to be a part of it.”
The Greater Waterbury Partnership was founded by a group of non-profit community leaders in 2013 to collaboratively fund the region’s first Community Health Needs Assessment. Because Waterbury faces health challenges similar to other urban centers across the United States, it was determined that by bringing multi-sector partners together to address these community challenges through a data-driven approach, there are opportunities to improve health outcomes. In 2018 the founders of the Greater Waterbury Health Partnership secured StayWell Health Center as fiscal sponsor for GWHP under their non-profit umbrella. StayWell Health Center is a long standing community health center that has provided vital primary and dental care to the community since 1992. Currently GWHP’s steering committee is co-chaired by Joanne Reynolds-Balanda of the United Way of Greater Waterbury and Ellen Carter of the Connecticut Community Foundation.

The mission of the Greater Waterbury Health Partnership is to provide access to quality, culturally sensitive, and evidence-based health information to greater Waterbury residents and organizations, and to coordinate local healthcare services to improve overall community health. Our mission is based on community collaboration as a critical element to meet the needs of our diverse communities and is supported by data.

Through collaborative efforts with the City of Waterbury Department of Public Health, The Chesprocott Health District and The Pomperaug Health District as well as existing partners, GWHP aims to provide a more equitable health landscape that fully addresses the needs of community members, patients and clients and eliminates fragmented health care.

The work of GWHP includes: Community engagement and communications, Health data collection and analysis, Systems analysis and coordination and Advocacy and policy design to support healthier communities.

Priority action areas include: Access to Care, Healthy Lifestyles/Chronic Disease Prevention, Asthma Prevention, Communications for Healthier Communities.

For more information or to make a contribution to the Greater Waterbury Health Partnership contact Angie Matthis at 203-756-8021 ext 3993 [email protected]


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Funding Partners of the Greater Waterbury Health Partnership, either by fiscal contribution or in-kind contribution are as follows:

City of Waterbury, Department of Public Health
Connecticut Community Foundation
Saint Mary’s Hospital
Waterbury Hospital
StayWell Health Center
United Way of Greater Waterbury
Pomperaug District Health Department
Chesprocott District Health Department