Year-long Project to Assess Community Health Needs

In 2012 Waterbury Hospital partnered with several other health, civic and community organizations to form the Greater Waterbury Health Improvement Partnership with the purpose of gathering information about local health needs and health behaviors.

The year-long project resulted in a comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). The assessment examined a variety of indicators including risky health behaviors (alcohol use, tobacco use) and chronic health conditions (diabetes, heart disease). The completion of the CHNA enabled the Greater Waterbury Health Improvement Partnership to take an in-depth look at its greater community. The findings from the assessment were utilized by the partnership to prioritize public health issues and develop a community health implementation plan focused on meeting community needs.

The Plan

The Assessment helped Waterbury Hospital develop a plan of action to address the community’s most pressing health needs.

Community Health Priorities

The following emerged as health priorities for the community over a three-year cycle:

  1. Access to Care
  2. Mental Health/Substance Abuse
  3. Overweight/Obesity
  4. Tobacco Use

Greater Waterbury Health Improvement Partnership

The partnership includes the following members:
The City of Waterbury
Connecticut Community Foundation
Saint Mary’s Hospital
Waterbury Hospital
StayWell Health Center
Waterbury Department of Public Health
United Way of Greater Waterbury