Covid-19 exposes health disparities in communities of color. Learn more about health disparities in YOUR community from our newest Well-Being report.


Additional Tools & Resources

Community Health Improvement (CHI) Overview
Following are additional tools and resources that will help you throughout your collaborative community health improvement (CHI) efforts, including guidance on how to conduct community health needs assessments (CHNAs), community health assessments (CHAs), and much more:

Assessing and Addressing Community Health Needs
Community Health Assessment and Group Evaluation (CHANGE)
Community Health Assessment Toolkit
Community Health Improvement Hub
County Health Rankings and Roadmaps
Improving Population Health by Working with Communities—Action Guide
MAP-IT (Mobilize, Assess, Plan, Implement, Track)
Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP)
Practical Playbook

Potential Data Sources
The following resources provide data that may guide your CHNA efforts. Consider using local data sources—such as focus groups and town hall meetings with community members and stakeholders, hospital data on service utilization, local environmental, community and social services data, and local health department data.

County Health Rankings
Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI 2015)
Community Need Index™
Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care
Health Indicators Warehouse
Health System Data Center
Vulnerable Populations Footprint

CDC More Tools & Resources


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