Covid-19 exposes health disparities in communities of color. Learn more about health disparities in YOUR community from our newest Well-Being report.

Mission & Values

Our Mission

To provide access to quality, culturally sensitive, and evidence-based health information to greater Waterbury residents and organizations, and to coordinate local healthcare services to improve overall community health. Our mission is based on community collaboration as a critical element to meet the needs of our diverse communities and is supported by data.

Our Vision

We envision “A Healthy Waterbury for All.”

Key Work

To achieve our mission, our work includes:

  • Community engagement and communications
  • Health data collection and analysis
  • Systems analysis and coordination
  • Advocacy and policy design to support healthier communities

Our Priorities

Our 2019- 2023 priority action areas include:

  • Access to Care
    • Preventive/Primary/Prenatal Care
    • Language
    • Transportation
    • Readmissions
    • Substance Abuse/Mental Health
  • Health Influencers
    • Access to food
    • Housing
    • Health Education/Outreach
  • Health Risk Factors
    • Obesity/Diabetes
    • Hypertension/Heart Disease
    • Asthma
    • Infant Mortality


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